The Women’s Empowerment Centre that we built in 2016 has surpassed our expectations. It was built to be a place for girls to find refuge, safety and education. A place where girls who have undergone FGM, rape or have been sold off into marriage at a young age, can learn skills to better their lives, their families and their communities.

KH built the facility with classrooms, an office, kitchen, showers, toilets and sinks. There is electricity and a kids classroom for those with children. There is a large security wall surrounding the Centre so that everyone stays safe. Eleven of the twelve girls that first came to the Centre have all found full time jobs. They live and learn here and when they are finished, they move on to find work.

The Centre is so successful that we have a waiting list. So, why not make it bigger?! In 2020, KH returned to Kenya to help build an extension on the Centre so we can offer the program to more girls. They learn computer skills, sewing, hairdressing, farming and agriculture. Our goal, only made possible with your help, was to build an extension…and because of YOU, we did just that!


Completed Women's Empowerment Centre

The Women’s Empowerment Centre provides vocational education for vulnerable girls with little to no education. Some of the girls have been married off at a young age, undergone female genital mutilation, and/or have been subjected to multiple abuses. They have not had the opportunity to be educated, or learn new skills. The girls are taught computer skills, sewing, farming and other various trades, therefore being able to change the path for their future, their families and even their community.

The Center now has a security wall and gates, along with new pig pens, complete with pigs, for an income generating business. We have now completed an outdoor kitchen, put in a 10,000 liter water tank, shower, and sink and toilet area, all within the walls of the WEC, keeping the girls safe. The outdoor living area was completed the summer of 2017. The Women’s Center is self-sustaining! Thank you for all of your support!

Installed Technology for Skills Development

Most children are not getting the basic education they need to become empowered adults who can pull their families and their communities out of poverty. When children are educated, they will have the courage and self-confidence to better themselves and their families, their communities, and ultimately, the next generation.

Even having just basic reading skills can lift you out of poverty, boost economic growth, increase income, and make you healthier. They learn how to prevent illness and improve overall health, build and maintain infrastructure, manage personal and professional relationships, understand and advocate for basic rights, and secure a livelihood.

What started as building a small classroom in 2008 has now grown into building schools to hold hundreds of children. With your help, schools in Kenya are being repaired, re-roofed and filled with desks. Kenya Help helps sponsor children to go to school, supports women to make school uniforms, and provides water tanks so the children have clean water to drink.

Watching the children grow and learn over the years has been incredible! With your help we have been able to build so much, so thank you!