From our team of volunteers, fundraisers, Board of Directors, donors, and our team on the ground in Kenya, together we are making changes in the lives of those in need. We are all working with our hearts, souls and similar visions, and we are truly making a difference.

Millicent Kaigi

Team Mama since 2008

Millicent opened her home and life to Kenya Help from the early beginnings in 2008 and has been housing volunteers ever since. She is a Mama to all who visit Kenya and she works very hard on the ground for KH. She is in charge of all school sponsorship programs, from report cards to all clothing lodging and books required for their education. We would not be where we are today without her.

Daniel Kimani

Team Kamou since 2008

Kamou has been the Construction manager for KH since 2008. He makes all of the big decisions when it comes to construction, quotes, material and workers. He is one of the most trustworthy, and hardworking people KH has ever met.

Cara Projects

Team Paddy since 2010

Paddy O’Connor is the founder of the Cara Projects based out of Ireland. He is always working with KH to help fund projects, check on past projects and to share resources when needed. We are all working to better the lives of the people in Ngong, so together we can get there faster!

Team CanAssist

CanAssist Africa Relief Trust

CanAssist Africa Relief Trust has Daniel Oduor Otieno working on the ground in Kenya. He does so much for Kenya Help and we are honored to be working with CanAssist to complete all of our projects.

The Teams