Many children walk long distances to go to school and there are rarely any packed lunches. In the areas we serve, children would normally either bring chai for lunch (tea mixed with milk and sugar), or leave school at lunchtime to look for food, often not returning to school that day. Some fall asleep or faint during class because of an empty stomach.

Kenya Help and the local church community provide lunches for the children. Teachers comment that the children have enough energy to not only learn, but also run and play. In addition, absenteeism drops, grades go up, and the community becomes stronger.

The Kenya Help Kitchen can serve over 1,100 lunch meals for just $150. We provide a hot lunch of maize and beans to the school children. Locally this meal is known as Githeri and it is a staple of the Kenyan diet. When not using the kitchen, we give food to the local Gramma’s who are raising many grandchildren, and children’s shelters in the Ngong and Kibiko areas. Thank you for feeding the hungry!