2022 has been a great year for Kenya Help and Global Boy’s Rescue Centre!

With a road, land excavation and outdoor toilets, we now have a three-story water tower to add to the list! Water storage has been established with two 10,000 litre water tanks. In the past, donors like you have all contributed to helping the Global Boy’s Rescue Centre with development of an outdoor kitchen, water tanks, farm animals and food storage. With so many children living in the slums, without family, food or water, homeless children are being rescued by Joseph Njoroge, a former street child himself.

Global is renting their small home and it is bursting at the seams. They now have their own land and because of Kenya Help donors, we have been working hard to assist in building a home for the children.

Having tanks as a resource for clean water allows them to spend less time traveling to unsafe and unsanitary sources and provides a safety net to fall back on in times of extreme drought. Rainwater collecting tanks at Global will give them reliable, safe and convenient access to water for themselves and their farm animals, and have it available to assist in the build of their new home.

Stay tuned for the next steps!

Water Tower Construction
Tower Construction
Water Tanks
Water Tanks


As well as land excavation and outdoor toilets. The progress for a new Global Boy’s Rescue Centre is well on the way. All donations will be moving to a new boy’s home, water tanks, food storage and a better future for the children!