Another amazing update for Kenya Help and the Global Boy’s Rescue Centre:

Global can become self-sustaining with the help of animals provided to eat and sell. Sustainable farming results in food security while also promoting water security at the Centre. The need to become self-sustaining was started recently by the construction completion of a pen for all of their farm animals.

These enclosures play a vital role in managing the health of the animals by providing them with a proper pen. It ensures animal comfort, protects their safety, and lowers their stress levels. The animals are protected from sun, predators, and heavy rains which can all be challenging factors in maintaining their overall health. The pens make it easier to clean, care for, and manage the day-to-day life and activity of the animals.

The cows, rabbits, chickens, goats and sheep will all be living well, as will the boys of the Global Boy’s Rescue Centre.