COVID-19 has made us all rethink, re-work, and figure out a new way of life. Kenya Help has been in the same boat, but the work has still been ongoing in Kenya. After a visit to Mathare Slums in 2019, the KH team knew we needed to help. The Community Centre, KINATCO, was in a terrible state. It was dark, unsafe, and burned in a fire.

The main goal was to reconstruct KINATCO into a stone building in order to offer a safe and common place for the different activities and events that can be used by the people, for the people, and by local organizations. This public land has been owned and managed by the community since the 1970’s. KH did not hesitate to step up and help support the work to rebuild the Centre.

The Centre was opened on June 23rd, 2021, with a full ceremony and dignitaries from Parliament. Everyone is excited to be able to bring the community together for meetings and projects. Children’s lunch programs; climate change workshops; women’s health and fertility workshops; boxing club for the street kids; youth reproductive workshops; health and hygiene learning; and many community meetings will all happen here.

We appreciate everything you have done to assist Kenya Help and the KINATCO Community Centre to rebuild their community space from the dilapidated building into a beautiful, well- structured, and safe building.