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To donate to Kenya Help and support our ongoing projects, visit the CanAssist African Relief Trust and select "Kenya Help" from the Fund drop down list. Donations of $25.00 or more will receive a tax receipt and you'll be supporting amazing grassroots development.

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Current Projects

Kenya Help is currently raising funds for the 2019 project. Let's take this dirt floor classroom and add an extension to the classroom we built in 2014.

We went to visit the Osupuko Primary School in February 2018 and saw that there was another make-shift classroom on the grounds because there are so many students that want to learn. Let's help them get an education in the environment they deserve. We will build a double classroom, fill it with enough desks for everyone and a desk for the teachers.

With issues of hunger, poverty and access to education, community leaders support the development of a large classroom as they see the positive impact firsthand. Together we can.

This Just In...

Self-Sustaining Projects were the goal for Kenya Help in 2018. The Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is a boys rescue centre in Ngong, Kenya. They care for and rehabilitate children and youths from the slums and various streets in Kenya. They are currently giving care, protection, shelter, food and other basic needs to over 80 boys. They aim at having a positive impact and giving a sense of direction to improve their future.

Kenya Help has recently installed a 5,000 litre water tank and 24 Solar Light panels. We built a chicken coop, goat pen, rabbit pen, food storage shed and a new kitchen. They can now self-sustain with a normal daily life of basic needs. Your donations have made a lifetime of change!

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