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The Women’s Empowerment Centre provides vocational education for vulnerable girls with little to no education. Some of the girls have been married off at a young age, undergone female genital mutilation, and/or have been subjected to multiple abuses. They have not had the opportunity to be educated, or learn new skills. The girls are taught computer skills, sewing, farming and other various trades, therefore being able to change the path for their future, their families and even their community. The Center now has a security wall and gates, along with new pig pens, complete with pigs, for an income generating business. Now we are adding an outdoor kitchen, 10,000 liter water tank, shower, and sink and toilet area, all within the walls of the WEC, keeping the girls safe. The outdoor living area will be completed by spring, 2017. The Women’s Center will soon be self-sustaining! Thank you for all of your support!
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